R.I.P. Kool Kep

above: Kep Memorial T-Shirt Graphic by Fred Sepulveda
below: Nazon 2 by Kool Kep

excerpt from his funeral service:

Nazon Simmons (Kool Kep)
(also known as Nate) was born May 15, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois.

As a child Nate started showing the world his gift of art and his passion for music. Nazon could simply stare at an object and make it come to life on paper.

No training, just a God given talent. His artwork is now showcased all over the world through XMEN and THC, his beloved fellow artist.

Nazon loved a wide variety on music, but hip-hop was his first love.

Music was another way that Nate expressed himself. He could use two songs that you would never put together and mix them to sound great.

Nate resided primatrily on the north side of Chicago where he received nothing less than respect and admiration from all his friends.