Artist : Dan Ezra Lang

Dan is probably somewhere else right now…most likely drawing or thinking in a cozy corner of his mind. Only checking back into physical reality as necessary to earn a living, or maybe eat a sandwich.

Deep thought started early on. As a kid the concept of infinity would sometimes keep him up at night. But some of the thoughts began to turn into things, like drawings, and paintings and comics. As he got older he fell in love with skateboarding and met like-minded skater infinity thinkers. This inspired him to make graphic things like zines and stickers and tee shirts printed on modified ironing boards.

At this point technically an adult, Dan kept making more things, and met more like-minded infinity thinkers. They would all hang out and paint and draw on things like walls and sketchbooks. He also made more graphic things too like logos and album covers.

Dan Ezra Lang continues to do more new things, like making sculptural light boxes and playing keyboards, plus many of the things he still loves from before, like designing tee shirts and drawing…and thinking.