Artist : Fred Sepulveda

name: Fred Sepulveda
aliases: La Rock, Fred Ones, Nesto, Freddyruffspin.
hometown: New York, St. Louie, VA Beach, The Chi.
currently residing in: Bronx…da boogie down, New York.
loves to: Scratch records.
really bad at: Not eating at 3 a.m.

A U.S. born Dominican, Fred Sepulveda has been drawing since the age of 3. And some how, even back then, he realized that in order to become an artist, he must live in a constant state of poverty. Having moved everywhere from New York to St. Louie, Fred’s style has the umph of a mentally challenged schizophrenic turtle. Filled with bad ideas and drugs, Fred took his schizophrenia on the road in 1990 and ended up in Chicago where he quickly befriended a pack of dysfunctional artists who shared his same enthusiasm for drugs and art. With his new counterparts, Fred began djing illegal loft parties and spending the profits on weed and hash. Around ’95, Fred moved back to the Bronx and began another anti lucrative career making left field hiphop music. Currently, Fred is the DJ for Old School Original Gangster Just-Ice and still broke as ever. Hooray for destiny!