Artist : Chris Silva

name: Christopher Tavares Silva
aliases: Elrock, Deep, Jase, Rash, L.C. Rivers.
hometown: Chicago.
currently residing in: Moca, Puerto Rico.
loves to: Stand shirtless, defiant, proud, anywhere and everywhere, with his loose white trousers and long ponytail blowing in the wind.
really bad at: Passing gas at exactly the wrong moment.

The Christopher Tavares Silva tale starts out in classic "Revenge of the Nerds" fashion. A sort of sweet chameleonesque buck-toothed child of modest origins, Chris surprised people when as a teen he began to turn into quite the arrogant little prick due to his emerging talents. As an outwardly friendly skateboarder in the late 80s he secretly reveled in his ability to one-up other skaters, and true to graffiti writer form, adopted that wise "Me and my boys are THE SHIT, and y'all motherfuckers are wack and on our nuts" philosophy which has helped to launch so many urban artists to Dalai-Lama-like enlightenment status. But before you mistake this for a sweet romance, be warned, there is tragedy in this story as well. As a seemingly A.D.D. stricken individual, Chris has never seemed able to stick with one thing and his poor mother would be ever so happy to see him finally make a career of something. At one time he wanted to be an actor, then a pro-skateboarder, after that an artist and now a music producer...wait no, film producer - or was it a comedy writer? In any case, getting to the heart of the story, I am - I mean "he is"- pretty darn attractive and has truly good intentions, seriously. In fact recently - just yesterday actually - Chris finally accepted the folly of his youthful cockiness and made a vow to live a life dedicated to the pursuit of an egalitarian society where we all lead lives of whistling-while-working, hand-holding bliss as a unified people - "The Rainbow People". However, Chris still can't shake the perspective that if you're not down with The Rainbow People then y'all motherfuckers are wack and need to get up on those fruit striped nuts. For more coverage of the freaky funk sensation also known as Lavish Catastrophe Rivers please check out his sexy websites.
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