Artist : Anthony Lewellen

name: Anthony Dominick Lewellen
aliases: Antck, A. Lewellen, Tony D.L., Professor Movie, Allan Ford.
hometown: Chicago.
currently residing in: Chicago (but it's different now).
loves to: Figure things out.
really bad at: Turning his brain off and going on vacation.

Anthony Lewellen is your run of the mill half-breed skateboard riding graffiti writing, Jesus loving mid-westerner who occasionally likes to spend days on end in his kitchen cooking for dozens of people he will later claim to be too shy to talk to. Disconcerting as this may be, people tend to generally like him and to tolerate his dry and self-deprecating sense of humor in the same way you would a stray cat that keeps hanging around your back door. The major difference being, Anthony doesn’t really care for fish. He has not won any awards worth mentioning here or he would be sure and mention them. When he is not fine tuning his skills as a writer of a genre of short fiction that has yet to be officially defined he spends his days disguised as a regular working stiff, even though the defiant look in his eyes is a dead give away he has yet to be ousted from the ranks of the working class. However, when everyone is slurping black coffee, he secretly sips green tea. Anthony likes to refer to himself in the third person to make himself sound more important than he actually is. The weird thing is that it actually works, but only on dumb people. Rumor has it that he can play the guitar like nobody’s business and will one day emerge as the Allan Ford of his generation. When he was twelve years of age he was punched in the mouth and was robbed of his BMX style bike so he made the switch to skateboards. Years later he was quoted as saying “Sometimes a punch in the mouth can change your life”.